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Fresh Beer comes from Clean Tap Lines


Fresh Beer NYC Serves as a Gold Standard for You, The Consumer who is looking the Best Places in NYC to Drink Beer in the bars with clean taps (you would be surprised), Best Selection, Clean Bathrooms  and Overall Best Experience. 

Our ratings are unbiased as we do not take advertising money from breweries or bars (or just give our friends a pass because they're nice).  Updates will be made on a monthly basis.


Upcoming Events

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Best beer bars

These are the Best Craft Beer Bars.  They are organized by borough so you can find clean taps wherever you are.


best tap rooms

NYC is lucky to have some of the best tap rooms in the country.  Take advantage of drinking right from the source.  It doesn't get any fresher than this.


find beer related events

Check here to find Tap Take Overs, Live Music Events (with good beer only), Meet the Brewers, Brewery Openings and M ore.

An experience like nothing else
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